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2013 August 11


The world"s only concert held in complete darkness,
and we are proud to be part of it for the 4th year.

2012 November 7
Asian Logistics and Maritime Conference 2012

Overseas delegates visiting our HK wine storage.

Overseas delegates visiting our HK wine storage.
2012 August 27
Wangfoong Wine Supply Chain is proud to be the third year sponsor for <Concert in the Dark 2012>

This meaningful show is organized by Dialogue in the Dark, Social Ventures Hong Kong, People Mountain People Sea, etc., which works to end discrimination against people who are visually impaired.

Toasting section after Concert in the Dark 2012

(From left to right) Chong Chan Yau (Vice-Chairman of Dialogue in the Dark), Teddy Robin (performer), Chinese musician Zhou Yunpeng, Anthony Wong (artist), Stephen Chan (the chief executive officer of Commercial Radio Hong Kong), at toasting section after <Concert in the Dark 2012>.

Wangfoong proudly sponsored the wine for their cocktail in evening section.
These red and white wines come from a Spanish largest winery Gonzales Byass.

2012 July 30
We are pleased to welcome a group of highly motivated and talented students from Hofstra University MBA Program to visit Hong Kong.

It was a half day visit to one of the largest port terminal in Hong Kong, MTL (Modern Terminals), as well as our wine storage facility inside the terminal.

Modern Terminals, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong

Briefing section

Fruitful conversations about supply chain gateways on Pearl River Delta

Our Customer Service Manager, Christina Tan (left)
Mr Yong Zhang, Ph.D, Professor of Hofstra University (right)

Briefing on wine storage facility

Group photo ‐ Hofstra University, Modern Terminals, and Wangfoong Transportation Ltd.

2012 July 5
We are proud to sponsor the 3rd year of <Concert in the Dark 2012>

<Concert in the Dark 2012>

Time & Mind Opener
A time-travelling experience in Complete Darkness
Co-managed by Visually Impaired
24-26 August, 2012
Rotunda 3, 6/F., Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre

More about <Concert in the Dark 2012>:

2012 June 1
A book about Hong Kong wine trade ??find us on Debra"s book now!

Debra Meiburg"s Guide to the Hong Kong Wine Trade 2012

2012 May
Hong Kong"s Wine Supply Chain Capabilities by Shippers Today

Shipper Today interviewing Wangfoong about the supply chain in China.

2012 May 30
Vinexpo Asia Pacific Hong Kong 29-31 May 2012 ??a world-renowned wine event of the year!

A Spanish wine family since 1835 – Gonzalez Byass

One of their flag ship sherries – Tio Pepe
2009 Decanter Bronze Award

Nectar Pedro Ximenz
2009 Decanter Bronze Award
Smoky, caramel sherry aged for 9 years in American oak barrel

South Africa Pavilion

Stephen Ip, the former Secretary for Economic Development and Labour for the HKSAR.

Wine disposal after the 3-day event. Next one will be in Bordeaux from 16-20 June 2013.

2012 Apr 27
Zhengzhou Wine Fair 27-29 April 2012

Wangfoong Wine Supply Chain participated in Zhengzhou Wine Fair on 27-29 April 2012.
We provided an onsite platform for clients to step into China wine market

2012 Feb 23
Foreign Cava Sales Beat Past Record

Over 150 million bottles of Spanish Cava had been exported and sold to foreign markets in 2011, continuing the trend of the past decade. While foreign drinkers had been appreciative of Cava, the opposite is happening to the domestic market. Perceived more as a celebratory drink, the grim mood in Spain amidst chronic unemployment was not that accommodating.

Domestic sales for Cava in the last quarter of 2011 falls nearly 9 percent and took most by surprise. Despite this, Mr. Guillamet, chairman of Cava regulatory board, sports a cheerier mood. He pointed out that although overall (total) sales have slid 2% compared to 2010, foreign sales figure still shows a very positive outlook for Cava producers. According to figures by Wines From Spain, Spanish official wine promotion board, Cava export to China increased by 115% at first 9 month of 2011.

Furthermore, Mr. Mantella, managing director of Codorniu UK, the Cava industry leader with 60 millions bottles of annual production, points out that sparkling wine had been more prevalent on normal dining situation instead of only catering for celebration occasions. He also thinks that there is still much work to be done, considering that in spite the growing interest in the past decade, sparkling wine is still an insignificant minority compared to the still wine dominated wine market.
2012 Feb 22
Study shows that wine name affects tastes.

Making up a tongue twisting name for wines seemed to be a way to boost sales, at least according to a new research study published by Dr. Mantonakis from Brock University. The study claims that wine consumers will like it more and would also be more willing to buy a wine with a name that is difficult to pronounce, at least for English speakers.

The findings was based on a controlled setting, where participants are required to taste the same wines with different names, followed by rating and specifying a price they are willing to pay for the each particular wine. The results showed that wines are associated with higher ratings if they have a more disfluent winery name.

Dr. Mantonakis explained that people have a natural knack to appreciate rarity, and this is in turn is associated with unfamiliar things that in most cases have a difficult to pronounce name.

Wine snobs should take note, because the findings also showed that participants with high wine-knowledge are more prone to the ?name effect?? potentially disavowing any self proclaimed wine connoisseurs. Dr. Mantonakis however concedes that outside of the laboratory, the effect may not be so pronounced or reflected on the actual wine purchase.
2012 Feb 22
Alternative farming and closures explored by Chateau Margaux.

At a recent seminar in London, Chateau Margaux revealed their intention to push forward with organic wine making and screwcap closure. Mr. Pontallier, Chateau Margaux winemaker and managing director, presented a total of 16 wines that he hoped would contrast the difference between conventional and alternative method of wine making and bottle closures.

Among the trade members participating in the event, most expressed preference for organic, biodynamic farmed ones, which is consistent to the Chateau?s expected outcome. Mr. Pontallier welcomed this result and points out that the winery only has a couple of years to go in achieving full organic farming for their legendary Bordeaux blend.

A same tasting last year shows that the audience prefers natural cork closures, but this year when tasters was asked to rank different closures for the estate?s 2nd wine, 2003 Pavillon Rouge, screwcap came ahead of cork.

Despite this, Mr. Pontallier said that a final conclusion is yet to be made because of the difficulty of replicating screwcap success over cork consistently. It is a daunting task to persuade everyone to agree on replacing cork with screwcap for a Bordeaux first growth with such stature and history.
2012 Feb 10
China consumer leads the world in spirits consumption

A recent Vinexpo report shows that the Asia Pacific region drinks an overwhelmingly large share of the total volume of spirits consumed around the world. The Americas (North and South) was second with 15%, but Asia Pacific deservedly held the crown with a 59% share. A fall of consumption volume was recorded in Europe between year 2006 and 2010, making local producers anxious for new markets to sell their products to.

China is the biggest spirits-consuming country in the world currently, but foreign spirits imports are of miniscule proportion compared to the domestic favorite, Baijiu and the various rice-based liquors. Spirits consumption in China increased at a staggering rate, a 59.28% increase by comparing figures between year 2010 and 2006, leading to the industry-wide excitement in the huge market potential which China offers.
2012 Feb 2
Hong Kong ready for Vinexpo Asia Pacific 2012.

Vinexpo Asia Pacific 2012 once again returns to Hong Kong, with the most impressive booking result to date with no stand space left as of last December 2011. It was sold out 3 months faster than the previous event on 2010.
The upcoming event on 29-31 May 2012 is expected to reach new grounds, if the shattering of visitor and exhibitor records at 2010?s Vinexpo Asia-Pacific is a good indicator of what to come.
The maturing taste for wine in the region prove to be robust amidst the turbulent world economy, and expected to contribute the lion share of growth of wine consumption in the next five year. This is not news to the wine producers all over the world, and they are coming in throngs to the exhibition, with the French filling up the biggest share of stand space.
With a 20% increase of floor space, the event plans to accommodate nearly one thousand exhibitors. South Afica, Australia, New Zealand and USA stands is back and bigger while traditional producers from Spain and Italy is not giving up the fight yet. Featuring big names like Baron Phillipe de Rothschild, Gonzalez Byass and Concha y Toro, this is a show not to be missed!
For further info, please visit
2012 Jan 19
Chinese wine smuggler sentenced to life in prison

The biggest wine smuggling case in China recently concluded with a life imprisonment sentence for Mr. Sun Xitai. The wine smuggler is convicted for evading duty on wines allegedly to be worth up to 7 million USD.

Sun was active during January 2004 and December 2009 and had smuggled up to 70,000 bottles during that period. Since the Chinese customs duty of nearly 50% is assessed based on invoiced value, Sun declared wines at far below market prices and lied about the names of wine.

A Chinese report in "Legal Daily" said that this was not new, since many people files false declaration and forge fake invoices in order to achieve a lower duty payment. Meanwhile the porous Hong Kong/China border have also brought to a boom on the human mule trade, wine being one of the commodity being smuggled in backpacks/trolleys everyday across the border.

As of lately, the China government had been cracking down on these illicit activities and so far there have been some mixed successes. One thing for sure that it is highly recommended for businesses to follow the legitimate importing channels to China.
2012 Jan 16
China?s Lafite Craze Subsides, drops nearly 50% from peak

Used as a barometer for the overall world fine wine market, Lafite was the clear market leader in value growth/retention and the forerunner of the Bordeaux price explosion in the recent years. The recent dip though dispelled the myth of the unassailable Lafite, bursting the huge bubble that has grown with insatiable demand from the Chinese and money from speculators and traders.

Chateau Lafite 2008, once highly valued due to the auspicious Chinese character "Eight" etched on the bottle, was by far the biggest loser, losing nearly half of its value since its peak on March 2011. The flip side of the coin is that Chinese suppliers of forged Lafite bottles, labels and corks had been hugely affected with some reporting zero orders for year 2012.

Some industry observers still anticipate a further drop on the fine wine market, warning that this is just a start on the long road of price adjustments. In China, many have started to venture out of Lafite and top growths, and the Chinese consumers have been maturing rapidly in their tastes and also spoiled with the sheer number of choices in the market.

One of the good news from this aside from cheaper wines, is that the vast Chinese underground industry of fake wine making and forgering had been hit hard. It will be quite some while before forged Lafite and copycats like "King Lafite", "Lafite Dynasty" flood the markets again.
2012 Jan 11
China is fifth largest wine-consuming nation, displacing UK to sixth.

China had displaced UK to reach the fifth largest wine-consuming nation, according to the 2011 study by IWSR (International Wine & Spirits Research). China and Hong Kong wine consumption combined grew by a third in the period between 2009 and 2010, continuing the phenomenal growth in the past.

Foreign wine producers facing with a weak home economy and saturation of domestic and the usual markets have been very eager to ride on the trend in China. Many is convinced that the potential is still huge despite the growth in recent years, as China wine consumption per capita is only 2 litres, compared to the French which consumed 50 litres each.

The study also announced USA as the largest wine consuming nation, with a per capita consumption of around 13 litres. While these markets are large, none are as exciting and profitable as those in China. Exponential growth is forecasted, with a further 54 percent rise between 2011 and 2015.

Meanwhile the global wine consumption growth rate is also expected to grow modestly for a rate of 6.17% for the next 5 years, with China contributing the major share of it.
2012 Jan 2
Profit down by half, Dynasty rethinks strategy 02.01.12

China's leading wine producer Dynasty Fine Wines recently announced a lower than expected profit for the first half of 2011, a 54% drop from past year figures. As one of the earliest joint venture in modern Chinese history, Rémy Cointreau entered into the Chinese wine making industry in 1980, with the partnership of the city of Tianjin government.

The results came as a direct testament to the fierce competition foreign made wines pose to the relatively young and underdeveloped China market. A rethink of existing strategy is underway, where Dynasty's distribution network and sales channel are reorganized. The company plans to increase its direct sales outlet from the existing 60 to over 160 in the end of 2012.

In order to fight off what was perceived as the more superior wine from overseas, Dynasty decided to redirect production resources to premium wines, which is expected to grow to one-fifth of total production volume from the current state of 10 to 15%. Mr. Huang, executive director of Dynasty Fine Wines, is confident that these changes would lead to a promising improvement of the corporate financial results in the near future.
2011 Nov 11
Wine trade reaching out to Chinese inland cities.

A recent Bordeaux top growths wine tasting event in China had been flooded with 2000 visitors instead of the 700 as previously anticipated. Some may guess that the event was held in the wealthy coastal region of Shanghai, maybe Guangzhou, but in reality the venue was in Chengdu, a city in the western region of China far away from the coast.

Eye watering profit margins and potential for growth had attracted many to the wine business, and the battlefront have also been pushed westward, from the 1st,2nd tier coastal cities to the inland 3rd, 4th tier ones. This had the effect of reshuffling and redistributing profits from the wine value chain to both new and existing wine distributors, importers and wholesalers.

Guangzhou, the biggest wine consuming market in China, is still the major trade platform for imported wines. Miss Shen, COO of the organizer of Guangzhou Interwine Exhibition, expressed that while large and renowned wine producers could secure importers and sales channels with relative ease, many small to medium size wineries had been struggling with the unfamiliar Chinese market. They would prefer to go further inland instead of competing in the already crowded major cities.

Sensing better opportunities, some lesser known wine producing regions had been actively organizing events to promote and educate in 2nd or 3rd tier cities with support from the local governments. The unexplored inland cities is the way to go for new comers to the Chinese wine market that aims for higher margins and lesser competition.
2011 Aug 30
Wangfoong Wine Supply Chain sponsoring "Concert in the Dark 2011"

A great success throughout the nights full of touching music and unprecedented love!

Celebration ceremony kicked off by Mr. CHONG Chan-yau (Former Director of Oxfam Hong Kong) and Ms. Joey Yung (Hong Kong Cantopop singer).

The concert featured Mr. Anthony Wong leading the original cast of Ellen Loo and People Mountain People Sea. Joining them this year are the highly anticipated Joey Yung, Sherman Chung, Kary Ng and Endy Chow. They will join a group of visually impaired persons and surprise guest performers whose voices will guide you into a world of complete darkness.
2011 Aug 27
Hong Kong to host "WineFuture 2011"

Brace yourself for the arrival of world?s best renowned wine critics, Robert Parker et al., as the worlds most influential wine summit is to be held in Hong Kong later this year. The event is organized by The Wine Academy of Spain, and is slated for November 6th-8th, 2011 at Hong Kong?s Asia World-Expo.

Hong Kong is chosen after the first Wine Future held in Rioja, Spain at 2009, to reflect its growing importance in Asia?s fine wine trade and also its incredible potential to act as a hub right beside the world?s fastest expanding market for wine.

The 3 day event includes talks given by distinguished industry experts concerning the challenges and future of the wine industry. The highlight of the event is a series of expert guided tasting, with one conducted by Robert Parker himself, to showcase the future rising stars of Bordeaux dubbed as "The Magical 20".

It would be a great opportunity for industry?s leaders to discuss the underlying trends and future opportunities in the trade, especially in Asia. Over 300 premium wineries would also be exhibiting their wines, making this one of the most prominent trade-shows to date. Quoting Robert Parker, "??this (WineFuture Hong Kong 2011) is a singular event not to be missed".

Related news:¬icia=375

About WineFuture Hong Kong 2011
2011 July 19
Wangfoong Wine Supply Chain sponsoring "Concert in the Dark 2011"

Wangfoong Wine Supply Chain is proud to take part in welcoming the return of last year hugely successful event, "Concert in the Dark". This year's concert picks off from its predecessor's huge success in 2010, which is a first of its kind as singers perform in complete darkness, where sound and music is the sole focus to an undistracted audience.

The sponsorship of the past and upcoming "Concert in the Dark" held at 25-28 August 2011 is the result of the company's effort to express its support to the visually-impaired community. Through our sponsorship, we hope to do our part towards promoting corporate social responsibility and lifting awareness towards the disadvantaged groups.


Please join us in supporting this meaningful event. More event and ticketing information could be found at or
2011 May 31
135,000 British pounds for a bottle of wine

In a recent Christie?s auction, a bottle of 1961 Chateau Latour red wine was bought for the record-breaking price of 135,000 British Pounds (1.73 M Hong Kong Dollars). A mysterious buyer from China is responsible for the purchase.

Chateau Latour is from Bordeaux, France, and is one of the five Premiers Crus (First Growth) from the 1855 Classification. This 6-Litre bottle of Latour is of a more unusual bottling format. However so, the high price it fetched has more to do with the recognition of its provenance. In most other cases, wines with such old age tend to be less recognizable, thus lowering the potential final bid. The 1961 vintage is also one of Chateau Latour greatest wine, owing to the spectacular harvest of grapes at that particular year.

Based on Christie?s initial valuation, the wine should only reach less than one-thirds of the final bid. The true identity of the Chinese buyer is still a mystery.
2011 May 29
Hong Kong has a taste for fine wine auction

American wine auction house, Acker Merrall and Condit has successfully launched a fine wine auction lasting for 2 days from May 27th-28th recently. This is their 15th auction event since the setup of their Asia headquarters in HK. It was estimated that the total value of the 1100 plus lots of fine wine for auction exceeded HKD 80 Million.

The wine auction house is the world?s largest in its kind, and has showcased many legendary wines in the recent auction, which also includes 12 bottles of 1982 Chateau Petrus in its original wooden case. The fame of Bordeaux and Burgundy wines on display has lured many keen bidders to the auction.

Mr. John Kapon, the auction house director, said that the reason for the auction to be held in HK again is because of the company?s belief in the potential of the Asia market. He also mentioned the rapidly rising amount of experienced wine collectors in the region. The company will strive to provide only the best wines out of respect to their passion.

He also believed that French wine is the market leader of the global fine wine market, and still is the best producer of fine wine in the world. But other regions such as California and even Australia have been catching up with their own world-class wines.
2011 May 23
Chateau Lafite goes green

World leading fine wine producer, Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite) had established a sustainability charter in an attempt to go green. Aside from minimizing application of pesticide and fungicide on their vineyards, the producer also strive to improve organizational sustainability, according to DBR?s managing director, Christophe Salin.

A portion of DBR?s Château Rieussec vineyard has been employed as the testing site to measure the efficacy of reduced pesticide usage. The vineyard manager Jean de Roquefeuil says that while he is satisfied with the current results after 2 years since it first started, he is not sure whether it would work so well under a greater threat of mildew in high risk years.

New and traditional methods would be employed to minimize use of non-organic farming methods, such as vigor sensors, natural defense simulator and just by spending more man hours on careful observation.

The wine producer, most widely known by its Chateau Lafites, produces around 10 million bottles every year. Aside from France, they also own vineyards in South America (Chile & Argentina), and are currently developing a vineyard in mainland China.
2011 May 19
Gonzalez Byass brings more sherry for London

The second production run of a special top-end sherry, Tio Pepe En Rama, is expected to fill-up double amount of glasses since it was first sold last year. The producer Gonzalez Byass has high hopes on the product, citing the increasing popularity of sherry and tapas bar in London.

According to the marketing director, Jeremy Rockett, the product tries to offer a unique "straight out of barrel" taste, by using fresh fino in its very youth, and altogether bypassing the filtration and clarification process. Due to this special production method that does not involves any stabilization process, and the sherry must be drunk within 3 months of bottling.

The London?s new sherry bars may paint a rosier picture than what really is a decline in the market for sherry. While Gonzalez Byass products such as the ubiquitous Harvey?s Bristol Cream may dominate the market, their sales come mainly from the aging consumer group in their 60s, and total sales volume have been declining steadily 5% per year in the UK.

Byass?s managing director Mr. Martin Skelton, however are optimistic to the healthy conditions of the London market. Sales are up especially for their rare cuvees, while the Tio Pepe En Rama mentioned here is sold out even before it was delivered to the hands of wine merchants.

One thing for sure, there is still a lot of work to be done to make Sherry the drink of choice in Britain, which is exactly the thing that Mr. Gonzalo Byass (Director of Gonzalez Byass) have in mind for the future of his sherry.
2011 May 19
Chateau Lafite is the favorite of Chinese wine counterfeiters

China rampant wine counterfeiting racket tries to confuse the market with their poor quality wines, and they have chosen Chateau Lafite for its huge fame and reputation. Wines that are labeled with the words "Lafite" and its trademark logo are sold across China.

Recently the French has assisted the China Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (CIQ) to identify the fake wines that carries "Lafite" and "made in France" in their label.

The French Association of Industry and Commerce (ACFCI) has identified no less than 20 companies that produced fake "Lafite" wines, and the sum involved was over 10 Billion Renminbi. The fake wine is originally produced in Hebei and costs not more than 20 RMB per bottle. The huge return has been the main driving factor of such illegal activities.

In the process of investigation, they also found a fake wine factory which had been punished and closed down last year, however has re-opened for business with fake "Lafite" again. At the same time in Hainan, a warehouse storing fake wines worth over 10 Million RMB is busted by the authorities.
2011 May 16
LVMH joint venture grows sparkling wine in China

Global luxury goods conglomerate LVMH?s subsidiary Moet Hennessy signed a deal with Ningxia Nongken, a Chinese state-owned agricultural company in early May. The signing marks the commencement of a joint venture in producing top-end sparkling wine within mainland China.

The venture marks the Chinese?s insatiable demand for wine products continues to reach record-high levels. According to Vinexpo?s research figure, China and Hong Kong together have gobbled up double the volume of wine in year 2009 compared to year 2005. The expected growth over the next five years is less spectacular, but also involves an impressive 20% growth to 126.4 million cases.

The wine making will take place at the northern region of Ningxia, where Nongken will utilize 670ha of farmland to grow the grapes required. Moet will be lending their expertise in the traditional French Champagne making method to the joint venture.

In 3 years time, LVMH will be adding the locally made sparkling wine to their already market leading product mix in mainland China. Their cognac and champagne that are sold widely in China is currently their biggest source of sales globally.

More wine companies are expected to join in the fray if the joint venture between these 2 companies goes smoothly. Local wine producer, Dynasty Wine, also expressed their welcome as the deal will shove in a new wave of winemaking skill enhancement and development of the local sparkling wine market.
2011 May 11
State owned oil giant embroiled in wine scandal

Sinopec, the Chinese state oil giant, had been caught over a scandal involving a top Guangdong executive and millions of dollars spent on French wine. Over 1.6M RMB of company funds was spent on 1996 Chateau Lafite-Rothschild s and expensive Chinese Moutai liquor.

The man responsible, Mr. Lu Guangyu, general manager of operations of the Guangdong Sinopec division, was speculated to use at least 17 bottles of Lafite that cost USD1,850 each, to sweeten deals with local officials.

The Chinese online community also responded furiously to the incident, where it was first being uncovered by an online poster that uploaded the invoice of the purchase. The copies that were freely available on the internet showed clearly that Sinopec?s Guangdong branch was responsible for the purchase last September.

The rise of China?s petrol price to its highest ever level shortly after the scandal exploded did not offer any help to the situation. The only penalty Mr. Li received was a demotion from his original post.
2011 Apr 13
The Annual Cycle of Vine in New Zealand?

There is a piece of very interesting and nice picture about the life of a Tree. It is actually not a tree but vine.

Courtesy to Johnny and Lily of New Zealand Vineyards.
2011 Apr 13
Wine in a plastic bottle?

A piece of wine news from AFP, that the French winegrowers are shrugging to bottle their wine in plastic in order to meet the growing demand for lighter unbreakable bottles.

Pascal Fernandez, one of the winegrower from Pepieux, said it was French genes for wine to be bottled in glass with a natural cork. While Franck Autard, chief executive of Skalli, suggested that PET bottles were more affordable and accessible for all consumers. His production on PET-bottled wine rose from zero in 2009 to 2.5M bottles in 2010.

Another piece of evidence hints that domestic sales in France are accepting more plastic bottles than ever. Auguste Bonlouis sold 1M plastic bottles of wine to French supermarkets, 2M small plastic bottles to restaurant chain, and 50,000 plastic bottles of organic wine retailer.

My first time to see plastic bottle of wine was in Marks and Spencer. There are smaller size which is like "plastic glass of wine", in a seal cup. And a week later, at my friend?s home, she introduced us a dozen of 375ml red wine in plastic bottle from Marks and Spencer! She told me that it was less heavy for her to carry home.

In my logistics point of view, costs of sea shipment should be more or less the same as they would be inside a container anyway; however, local trucking in France would be of great expense too. Obviously it is less easy to be broken and easier to load.
2011 Feb 25
Wine Dinner Gathering by Wangfoong Wine Supply Chain, @Kau U Fong, Central

Company News, Hong Kong, 25 Feb 2011:
It was an enjoyable night.

A night with early dinner with good food, cozy atmosphere, friendly people, and most importantly, easy-going wine from Australia, South Africa and Chile.

For wine beginner like me, I enjoyed wine which has fruity and berry aroma, smooth, and value for money.

We opened 3 bottles of red wine yesterday night, courtesy to participants who bring their wine to come.

From left to right:
1. Laurance of Margaret River, Shiraz 2009 (Australia) by Smart Wine
- Fruity aroma, black cherry and plum flavor, dark red color, have 2 years to age!

2. Diemersfontein Pinotage, Shiraz 2010 (Wellington, South Africa)
- Coffee and chocolate on the nose, mint and plum flavor!

3. Clava Quintay, Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 (Chile)
- Smoky blackcurrant, vanilla and herbal nose.

Where we are dining: Kau U Fong, Central
2010 Nov 04
Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Fair 2010

Wine News, Hong Kong, 4-6 Nov 2010:
The Hong Kong Trade Development Council's Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair is Asia's most exciting wine and spirits event happened in Hong Kong. It features worldwide high quality wines and spirits, beer and alcoholic beverages, as well as wine production, related products and logistics services for interested buyers from all over the world. The fair was open to the public on the final day and exhibitors were allowed to sell their wine too.
2010 Oct 28
Wine and Dine Festival 2010

Wine News, Hong Kong, 28-31 Oct 2010:
Hong Kong has been immersed into an atmosphere of wine since every October. This Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival is a spectacular gathering of wine and live entertainment!

It is all happening at the West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade, the perfect spot to soak up the surrounding fabulous views of Victoria Harbour.
2010 Aug 3
Refreshing Moment with Our Featured Wine
-- 7:30pm, 7-8 AUG, ArtisTree @Cornwall House, TaiKoo Place

For the coming Wangfoong sponsored event Concert in the Dark, we have exclusively chosen the Australian red and white wine from RL Buller Wines (, and Italian sparkling wine from Top Spin Ltd. (

RL Buller Wines
Since 1921, the Buller family has produced heavyweight Muscats from their "Calliope" Vineyard - using the age-old techniques of basket presses and open fermenters to make the Muscats they call their "sleeping giant". Their winery is one of very few winery which has Robert Parker 100 point rating.

Here's what renowned wine critics have to say about Buller's wines:
"No other wine can rival these wines for sheer complexity, decadence in flavor and hedonistic please." Robert Parker, Wine Advocate

Hot Picks for the Event:
1. Buller Beverford 2008 Merlot, Australia ( download details )
2. Buller Black Dog Creek 2008 Sauvigon Blanc, Australia ( download details )
3. Torrevilla - Fiori d'Acacia (Sparkling), Italy ( download details )

2010 July 15
Press Conference with the performers of concert in the dark

Wangfoong sponsored event, a concert featuring voice performance in complete darkness, has been officially announced to public with the press conference today. This charity event is meaningful to us, and we will be featuring a VIP cocktail before the show at 19:30 on 8 August. Stay alert for our upcoming news on our featured wine!

About "Concert in the Dark" — a concert in total darkness!

Co-organized by Dialogue in the Dark, Social Venture Hong Kong (SVHK) and People Mountain People Sea, the concert is committed to promoting social inclusion, respect and appreciation of individual differences. Performers: Anthony Wong, at 17, Steven Chan, Chong Chan Yau and celebrities from different industries.

2010 July 06
Wangfoong participating in <CONCERT IN THE DARK>

Wangfoong is happy to be one of the sponsors for CONCERT IN THE DARK, which had been presented over 150 cities, with 5,000 blind employees and 6,000,000 visitors worldwide. The event income is to support the blind people in HK.

2010 May 27
Interwine China 2010, one of the most International and professional wine trade show in China, will be held at Guangzhou Poly Exhibition Center during May 30 to June 1 2010.

2010 May 25
Vinexpo Asia-Pacific, the largest international wine and spirits exhibition in Asia-Pacific, will be held in Hong Kong on 25, 26 and 27 May 2010.

2010 May 12
Wangfoong Wine Supply Chain in HKQAA Wine Storage Certificate Presentation Ceremony.
2010 April
Wangfoong launch tailormade SME and sample management package.

2009 November
Wangfoong participated in Zhuhai International Wine Fair.